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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Higher Priority Today...

A lot of stuff to wrap my brain around.  The TV was filled with Egypt last week, CPAC straw polls peeked out from behind the curtain, Barry dropped his budget on us and asked us to believe it's gonna do good things for our economic situation, Mick Jagger made his Grammy debut and it's Valentine's Day.

It's not hard to figure out what is static today and what isn't. The events in Egypt have faded away as fast as Gary Condit faded after 9-10-2001. CPAC has given us another false and ridiculous result from their band of college preppies. The Donald said it best..."Ron Paul has no chance of winning!" Come on CPAC!

Barry's budget is as loaded as it is thick! I haven't read it, but do you really think he's suddenly decided to cut anything from the bloated behemoth government spending plan he has been famous for so far? He'll tell us his favorite programs are being cut and he's freezing something so it will grow more efficient, blah, blah, blah Barry. Spending (investing) is your mantra Dude...WAKE UP!

Mick really didn't do us any favors in his debut last night, so it's really a passing thought and not very newsy anyway.

The questions at the front of my brain right now are where do I get flowers, a card and where do I take my wife to dinner tonight. All that other stuff will evolve without my intervention. I will have time to think more about it tomorrow. As usual I have kicked the can down the road regarding my Valentine's Day duties and am scrambling once again to pull off a win. I'm actually getting pretty good at it, but next year I gotta do better. Yeah, right.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who's out there?

I am becoming increasingly concerned about where we will be a year from now.

Right now every potential Republican challenger to President Obama is posturing, conducting research, visiting foreign capitals and getting their faces on any TV outlet that will call them. That's OK.

They are scrubbing statements they've made, reviewing positions they've held and scanning every article they've ever written to figure out where they stand or where they need to stand for the next 21 months. That's OK.

I really like a couple of these guys, but I really want them to grow backbones and forget about what the mealy-mouthed lefties will say when they stumble...and they WILL stumble at some point before the election. We all have, and we will in the future.

Life will throw curves and the lefties do it better than anyone. I want my next Republican president to stand at the plate and have the courage to swing for the fences, even when a curve is thrown. If they practice swinging at them now they can hit them well in 2012!

I want a straight talking, tough minded person who doesn't shy away when tough questions or tough positions are posed to them...and if they do it drinking a beer every now and then, GOOD ON EM!