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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who's out there?

I am becoming increasingly concerned about where we will be a year from now.

Right now every potential Republican challenger to President Obama is posturing, conducting research, visiting foreign capitals and getting their faces on any TV outlet that will call them. That's OK.

They are scrubbing statements they've made, reviewing positions they've held and scanning every article they've ever written to figure out where they stand or where they need to stand for the next 21 months. That's OK.

I really like a couple of these guys, but I really want them to grow backbones and forget about what the mealy-mouthed lefties will say when they stumble...and they WILL stumble at some point before the election. We all have, and we will in the future.

Life will throw curves and the lefties do it better than anyone. I want my next Republican president to stand at the plate and have the courage to swing for the fences, even when a curve is thrown. If they practice swinging at them now they can hit them well in 2012!

I want a straight talking, tough minded person who doesn't shy away when tough questions or tough positions are posed to them...and if they do it drinking a beer every now and then, GOOD ON EM!


  1. FM,

    Glad to see you've started a blog. It'll be interesting to hear your perspective.

    Concur with the backbone point. I want candidates with strong convictions. Even if they disagree with my point of view on some issues, I want to know they actually believe what they say.

    Despite what any of us may think of Obama, it is never easy to beat an incumbent. Last thing we need is a timid candidate tip toeing around controversial subjects out of fear of how it will be portrayed by the media.


  2. Our last one term Democrat was Carter. He cut his own throat and for some reason I just cannot see Obama doing that. I agree that we need a very strong Challenger to take the presidency in 2012 and now is the time to get some exposure and "practice." We do need to get away from the hard right, fundamentalist thinking if we want to take the country back. I am not saying compromise, but a shift more toward center, where the Republican Party used to be. If the only way to do that is to support and change to the Tea Party...

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere! great to have another Kansas blogger.

    Gene, Carter did not cut his own throat, his problem was his ineptitude. Given the climate in 1976, the democrats could have put up any two bit loser and won, and to prove it, they did! had they picked some one with smarts, it might well have been a diffrent story in 1980.
    The uptick for Carter now is that he is no longer the worst president ever..
    Obama is a good reader, but nothing more. frankly, his best bet would be to allow evidence he was born in Kanya, or of his citizenship in Indonesia, and get booted out now vs destroying our nation on hte world stage.
    @013 may very well see a complete reversal of 2008, a supermajority for republican in the senate, and a strong majority presence in the house, a conservative president, and one chance to get it right. My bet is they will screw it up, and teh dems will be back nipping at democracies heels by 2016.